About us

If we are to concentrate it in one sentence, we can define ourselves as a booking and talent management agency residing in Bucharest. In reality, we want to be more than that. Far beyond limiting our services to contracting artists we assume complex processes of consultation and production, often working as an extension of a PR or BTL agency.


LIVEHOUSE set up at the beginning of 2008 in order to match the objective needs of a local marketing and event planning market where the supply of live entertainment does not represent the main business focus. From identifying the artists that cater the best for an event, to dealing with their local management team, going through a long process of negotiation and contracting, Livehouse’s business engagement means a professional solution of outsourcing artists’ booking, celebrities or performance shows.


The professionalism and the industry knowledge which recommends us as entertainment brokers mainly derive from our team’s eclectic background. The people who represent Livehouse’s engine/steam have a strong experience in marketing and advertising, in-store promotions, HoReCa, but also in the event production- from concerts and international festivals to club shows, sports tours and corporate events.


Such a rich portfolio is doubled by an extensive knowledge of the entertainment international market and by the numerous personal networks.

In our relation with the artists we are not just a placement agency, but we involve ourselves in cultivating and valorising some artistic brands on a specialised market which begins to be more and more competitive. In this regard, we are always looking for promoting and sponsorship opportunities generating concepts and formulating benefit packages for our potential partners. These type of activities are backed up by probably the most valuable resource in the Livehouse’s portfolio: the capital of trust gained in relation to our clients and business partners.


Even if we talk about Romania’s biggest advertisement players, clubs, services, marketing or mass-media industry we consolidated our credibility in relation to these trying to keep our fidelity to very high standards which makes any collaboration with us predictable and without any kind of accidents or flaws.