Melissa Totten as Madonna

Melissa Totten 6

The absolute best tribute of Madonna!


Melissa’s career started in Chicago in 1988 when she was first approached (on a city bus) to do occasional lookalike work for celebrity themed corporate events.  “It felt like playing dress up for beer money.  I had no idea that there was a whole industry out there.”
In 1991,  friends started to realized that the Chicago Tribune’s reported  “Madonna sightings” were actually Melissa (Madonna was in town filming “A League of Their Own”), and the amused columnists called her in for an interview.  The next day her photo hit the papers.


Her first serious  performance was a six month contract on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, where she sang live. Since then, Totten has been around the world, paying  tribute to this planet’s indisputable, relentless, brilliant and ever-changing master of performance art.


She was with the world renowned Las Vegas production Legends In Concert for six years, and has been performing with Stars In Concert in Berlin Germany since it began in 1997.

Melissa Totten performed in India, Korea, Thailand, Australia, England, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Japan, New Caledonia, Mexico, Singapore, Holland, Austria, Cyprus, Romania, and the United States.


Now living in the U.K., Totten has gravitated away from the big production shows, branching out to develop her own definition of what it means to be an “impersonator”. 2008 brought the release of “Forever Madonna” (Klone Records), a high energy dance cd of ballads and oldies from Madonna’s vault of hits, produced by John Barry and London’s KlubKidz.  2009 marks the launch of the live show “Madonna, Undone”, Totten’s signature band project.


“This show is definitely for Madonna fans.  It’s not about putting on the cones and the typical stuff you would expect from an impersonator.  It’s about the music. We do the hits and the forgotten ones.  ‘Hung Up’ is a jazz tune.  It’s intimate.  It’s acoustic.  It’s off the cuff.  It’s disco.  It’s 100% live, and I love that.”