Our services are co-extensive to the two business axes upon which our company is built: artist promotion and booking consultation.


Artists’ promotion

  • Artistic marketing consultation and brand positioning;
  • Facilitating the access to broadcasting channels;
  • Representing the artist in relation with the recording companies;
  • Creating national and international opportunities for performances;
  • Generating materials for publication in the mass-media;
  • Sponsorship “hunting” and media partnerships;
  • Technical supervision for the artist’s live appearances;
  • Tour management through maintaining strong relationships with local and international promoters;


    Booking consultation

  • Investigating the entertainment solutions which cater for the event and for the target market/image required by the client; qualifying the results of the market research according to the availability and criteria mentioned in the client’s brief (celebrity, budget, etc)
  • Negotiating financial conditions and contractual premises/clauses with the artists’ management;
  • Assuring all the transport conditions, accommodation, catering and security required by the artists as well a the technical equipment mentioned in the technical riders agreed with their representatives;
  • The artists’ local management and staff will be assisted on their whole visit to the place the event is planned, on the basis of a previously agreed scheduled by all the parties;
  • Organising all the load-in, setup and sound checks before the show;
  • Assuring that high standards will be ensured at all times the highest standards in managing the event as organised by the both the artists and the event’s producer.